Rylee. Kingyo. K1ng. Fadingo.

alfred pride flag :D



rylee era: new era rickrolld has been exposed but my other alt has not and i made rancho block me for being an ass this is an epic win

k1ng era: new era left lern sevee

kingyo era: New era i'm sticking around in lerns server since like no one associates me with some of you and gonna try to get mod

fadingo era: new era im gonna get mod and ban everyone in lern below me then leave

kingyo era: new era me and fadingo get mod and fuck shit up

rylee era: new era fadingo got banned now spanish sans nagito will save the day

fadingo era: new era where fadingo converts to edgy from sun smudge peach moon

k1ng era: new era kinnie

fadingo era: new era where rylee likes ass attorney

rylee era: new era i simp over a ace attorney character

rylee era: new era will wood himself blocked fadimgo in a premiere im crying

k1ng era: new era king is a randal simp

k1ng era: new era HORNY

rylee era: new era rylee learns nanananananana by mcr in simish

kingyo era: New era going under!!! no particular reason just feeling cute

k1ng era: new era my boyfriend blocked me i'm single keke

k1ng era: new era he unblocked me

rylee era: new era i'm gonna make another language and translate some lyrics

rylee era: new era nanananananana foo noova wanatay nanananananana back ana kannasay

fadingo era: new era where fadingo fucking dies for a day then rises again like jesus

kingyo era: new era fading christ

k1ng era: new era fadingo hallehuhah

k1ng era: new era emo boy animation meme by slashley king might do it


king era: new era i'm killv mysejf lgbt is dumb

kingyo era: new era fadingo dead again and we all have birdsonas

fadingo era: new era where i simp for 20yo edgeworth

fadingo era: new era were i buy an edgewoth plushie

rylee era: new era fadingo buys an edgeworth body pillow and rylee starts to unironically like corn please help

Note from Kingyo (8/9/20): Hello! Kingyo here. I made this website to document the eras of our friend group, but we recently moved to a new discord server, and deleted the old one. The channel "era" and all of its contents are now inaccessable to me. The following is an archive of the "era" channel in our new discord server. (edit 8/17/20) This website is still a work in progress though, so please be patient with me as I work on this when I please.

rylee era: new era i single hmu

rylee era: new era i'm certain i mentally died in 2014 and got replaced with the soul of a 16 year old teenager that committed suicide

rylee era: new era fork completely dead

fadingo era: new era i send rylee gay porn

K1NG AND KINGYO'S IRISH GUY ASMR (or other asmr we cringe at!)

Cum Cum Cum Cum CUm NOW!!! get on yer knees roight fookin noi! "he sounds sixteen is this illegal:/"